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May 2016

Volunteer’s Week at Orange Rooms

Thursday 19 May 2016

Volunteer’s Week is a national annual event celebrating the outstanding contribution made by the nation’s volunteers. Over 21 million volunteers contribute at least £23.9 billion to the UK economy and Volunteer’s Week is an opportunity to showcase this remarkable impact and inspire others to get involved. This year’s celebration has been extended to run from 1 to 12 June in the hope of enabling as many people as possible to participate.

Orange Rooms #backingtheblues

Monday 9 May 2016

If you hadn’t already heard, this week Leicester City FC won the Premiership title: a feat that many have called “the greatest ever in sporting history.” The team’s achievements throughout the season, and their ultimate triumph in winning the league, have engaged the whole city and garnered worldwide support and appreciation. In support of Leicester City, Orange Rooms has teamed up with the rest of the city in #backingtheblues and our own resident football team, VALUES United, has been leading the way.